The All New Maclaren

As always, we have applied our core principles of constant innovation and improvement to our latest Maclaren Collection buggies. Something great is now even better, learn about our new features here:

Yes, Maclaren buggies are built to last and last and last. But now they last even longer. Accessories and parts like wheels, handgrips, tether straps, shoulder harnesses, seats and hoods will be available for purchase on their own so a Maclaren buggy can cover even more miles.

Bigger, better and easier to access – our improved shopping basket holds even more essentials for life on the go.

Now every Maclaren Collection buggy has the smoothest ride on the road. Independant suspension on each of the wheels help isolate our passengers from the bumps and bounces.

Even while adding so many new features to our buggies, we've made certain to NOT add any weight. In fact, they're actually lighter than before.

Our hoods have always been UPF 50+ and water proof – now they expand to provide more shade and each includes a retractable sunvisor as well.​

Maclaren originally introduced the added safety of the 5-point harness to buggies, and we continue to improve the concept.

Our latest iteration is simultaneously safer and easier to use.