8 Essential Items

Summer is finally here! Make sure you and your baby are fully prepared for fun inside and outside with our list of essentials from the best brands in parenting. We have you covered from a stroll on the beach through to bedtime -plus a couple gifts just for mom! Because the only thing that’s more fun than enjoying activities under the sun is shopping for them.

1. Keep your baby cool and guarded against 99% of UVA and UVB rays with this sunny-day essential. Check out this Sunshade that’s simple to fasten and stays attached even when the stroller is folded.

2. A treat for mom, by moms. Outfit yourself in DOEN’s Rose Top from the Summer '18 Collection. Be sure to check out Yearling by DOEN - a line for little girls where the proceeds benefit girls education.

3. Outfit your buggy for summer with a two sided fashion statement that is machine washable and adds an extra layer of comfort. Take a look at the universal liners made for you by Maclaren! (VIDEO ATTACHED)

4. Dada by Jimmy Fallon is a funny tale that entertains and explores every father's #1 priority. A favorite for reading solo or among family and friends!

5. This Yellow Moon Wall Light reminds us to shoot for the moon. A staple in any child’s room, this light sparkles in the light of day or the dark of night.

6. With the SleepHero Wake Up Buddy, sleep train your child and get back to your routine! When the light is red, it’s time for bed. When the light turns green, it’s time to seize the day! Take our word for it, Jenna Dewan Tatum does, too!

7. Whether you're going on a day trip or on a vacation, this Universal Accessories Kit will help you not only survive the journey, but do it in style. Let Maclaren help you pack!

8. No paparazzi, please. Babiators shades for the summer are a must.