Halloween One and Done

Easy and adorable Halloween costumes to match baby to the buggy

It might be the very first Halloween you get to celebrate with your baby, or you may be a seasoned pro when it comes to crafting costumes for your little one, mapping out the perfect trick-or-treating route and resisting the king-size Snickers that lands in your child’s plastic jack-o-lantern-shaped treasure chest of treats.

While Halloween is the perfect excuse to have fun and get creative with your child’s costume, it might also send you into panic-mode when you realize there’s only a few weeks left to scramble and seek inspiration for a treat-worthy getup. That’s why we’re sharing a few of our favorite costumes and outfit inspiration, and bonus: they match to your Maclaren stroller!

1. The Pilot

Inspired by the 50th anniversary of Maclaren stroller, the Spitfire pays tribute to the British pilot Owen Maclaren who invented the first-ever umbrella fold buggy! The adorable and affordable outfit comes with an olive green pilot-style bodysuit and matching cap and “goggles.” Get it here!

2. Quintessentially British

This charming and clever costume celebrates Albert Thurston, the inventor of suspenders, dating back to 1820 in London and inspiration behind this Maclaren Albert Thurston Buggy. Dressed in suspenders, glasses and plaid, your toddler will look quintessentially British and simply the sweetest.

3. DIY Dangerously Cute Shark

Maybe this scary shark get-up isn’t so scary after all, but it sure is cute. Match your baby to your The Rodnik Band X Maclaren Shark Buggy in this adorable shark onesie from the Spirit of Halloween, and sink your teeth into a king-sized Snickers. You deserve it.

4. Mini Referee

Calling all soccer moms and dads to-be: let your little one call the shots this Halloween in a mini referee’s uniform that matches the FC Maclaren Buggy.Get this $16 costume on Amazon and you’re done, ready to dominate the game of trick-or-treating!

5. DIY Dylan’s Candy Bar

Even if you’re not the most confident in your DIY skills, this deliciously simple cotton candy costume will ensure your baby is the sweetest treat this Halloween. Check out this step-by-step tutorial by A Joyful Riot for a quick and easy DIY costume and pair it with your Dylan’s Candy Bar Volo Stroller for a festive ride through the neighborhood!

Happy Halloween From Maclaren!