Family Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

Halloween has come to a close, and with that the holiday season has officially begun. So let’s talk about our favorite time of year, Thanksgiving! Each November families come together to feast on everything from pumpkin pie to mashed potatoes, all while enjoying each other’s company.


First things first, if your little one is helping out in the kitchen make sure to come up with some rules to make sure everyone has a safe and fun cooking experience. Now for the fun part, everyone in the kitchen gets a fun and festive apron! You can even order a handful of toques to make the little ones feel like they’re truly professional chefs.


The most important step in planning a successful Thanksgiving is setting the perfect menu that both the adults and kids will enjoy. We’ve gathered some of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes that are sure to satisfy everyone at the table!



1. Cheesy Maple Roasted Brussel Sprouts: Getting your kids to eat vegetables is tough as it is, and made even harder on a day when pumpkin pie and turkey dominate the table. Make brussel sprouts more palatable for your little one with a little help from a lot of cheese. These sweet and cheesy bites are sure to be a winner at the dining table.



2. Cream Biscuits This two ingredient recipe is great to make with the kids. Simply mix flour and whipping cream together and have the kids roll out the mixture and cut out biscuit shapes. 


3. Stovetop Mac & Cheese: Mac & Cheese is both easy and a crowd pleaser. This simple recipe uses multiple cheeses, from gruyère to white cheddar and fontina. If you’re looking for the best side dish around, this is your go-to recipe.


4. Pumpkin Pie: Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without everyone’s favorite pumpkin pie. Stick to the classics and enjoy this deliciously sweet treet post-turkey time.  


Let’s not lie, everyone’s favorite part about Thanksgiving is all the leftover you get to munch on for the next week! Take your leftovers on the go with the Magazine Tote - a bag for everyday essentials. But most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy time with your family and be grateful for this cherished time of year.